Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Locks and Dogs and Fairy Villages

We upped-sticks yesterday morning to continue cruising along the Middlewich Canal.  This is a lovely stretch of water, once through Middlewich there is rolling countryside all around - a real pleasure.
 Between bridges 14 and 15 - this shop is worth a tie-up and a look around
 BW boat Churnet tied up just before the Auaduct, no sign of work being carried out here, the operator appears to have stopped for his elevenses.
 Approaching Minshall Lock with Thomas Clayton boat Spey - No88 on the left.
 Leaky gates at Minshall Lock
 obviously used to this sort of thing - that's NB Cheshire Lass next in line for the lock
 looking back from Cholmondston Lock at Venitian Marina - Cheshire Lass is still following us
 that space after the first boat looks just the right size for Rock n Roll
 Toadstools in abundance by the towpath
 a real fairly village - husband George is convinced we'd see them (the faries), (if we looked) when it goes dark!
Finished the day off with a walk to The Barbridge Inn where we met up with the couple from NB Cheshire Lass and had a good old gossip about Tattenhall Marina where they keep their boat.  After dinner was cooked eaten and tidied away we watched Mel Gibson in 'The Edge of Darkness' on dvd - not bad.

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