Saturday, 11 September 2010

A walk through the woods

House keeping day today - upping sticks tomorrow.
Monday morning 6th Sept at 20 past 6 looking towards the waterpoint at Anderton.  We took a walk through Hopwood from Anderton Marina - this area is planted with fruit trees and there's a big notice as you enter the site asking you to please feel free to pick the fruits as it is a community planted orchard.  There were lovely apples and plums just about ripe but as usually happens we decided to collect them on the way back to save carrying them - and then returned a different way!
this fungi caught my eye - George thinks that it's an inkcap
 this is the only link that I can find - a Shaggy Inkcap - it looked very pretty ..
.. but rather menacing with the 'ink' dripping from it
 there appears (via Google) various Latin names for this species - if anyone can advice me?  
continuing our walk through the woods - we hope we're heading towards the canal
ah yes ..... I spy a boat in the distance through the trees
and here we are .. bridge 196 about half a mile from our mooring.
this was taken at the Anderton BW sanitary station as we took on water - I assumed that it was in this state because the regular collection day was a Monday and last Monday was of course Bank Holiday.  But a gentleman (and I now use the term very loosely) said that it was always like this; that the bin men had been this morning, taken one look and drove away.  He also said that he was 'always complaining to BW and that they were taking him to court'. 
This person 'spoke' to the BW man who was unlucky enough to be there - he was extremely rude and his language was indescribable to me - I couldn't believe what I could hear. The BW chap was doing his best to be patient and not to return the rudeness directed at himself and all BW staff.  When the man had stormed off the BW guy got on the phone - perhaps reporting the incident - I wanted to speak to him when he'd finished to let him know that not all boaters felt like that; that most of us are well aware that the front line staff of BW do a good job. After all as he said to the man - this is not BW's fault it is the boaters who left the rubbish outside of the bins; I wanted to suggest to him that perhaps a notice (or several notices) should be put up asking boaters not to leave their rubbish if the bins are full and to indicate where the next facility is.  
Just as we were rolling up our water hose another boater came along and told me that this facility is often like this but mainly from the Uplands Basin Marina a few yards away as there was no facility on that marina.

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