Saturday, 11 September 2010

The River Weaver and onto the Bridgewater Canal

After cruising through some tight bends and narrow channels we moored last night (6th) at bridge 206 Bradley Meadow - very quite with a view overlooking the River Weaver
the following day we walked down to the river - this activity is part of the upgrade of Dutton Bridge to enable access for equestrians
Acton Swing Bridge
lots of small  cruisers and two narrow boats moored
from our walk we hoped to be able to access bridge 206 seen here but it was not to be so we turned back and stopped off at the Leigh Arms before returning to RnR
the thunder clouds have gathered and we can see the lightening and hear thunder not too far away but so far no rain here.
On Wednesday we upped stick and passed this old working boat and butty
the bow of the butty well hidden in the foliage
a glimpse of the distant Dutton Viaduct on the River Weaver
arriving at Dutton Stop Lock
BW Butty Keppel moored by the lock
waiting for the hour to arrive before entering Preston Brook Tunnel
straight through the tunnel
and out again into the brilliant sunshine
a great picture of George
under Preston Brook Bridge and onto the Bridgewater Canal
We stopped at Midland Chandlers a purchased a new headlight as our was looking rather tatty and then set off again to find the water point which on the Nicholsons Guide is smack bank between the mainline and the Runcorn Arm on the railway line!!  We decided on the arm first and cruised up to Preston Marina entrance but couldn't see it so reversed into the Norton Arm but it wasn't there either; we dithered at the junction again trying to see around when a lady from a very nice widebeam asked if she could help.  She explained that the water point was past the marina entrance and past the line of moored boats.  It was after 2pm by the time we got the hoses out and connected and the fill was sooooo slow.  We had lunch while the tank filled and set off at about 3:15pm back onto the mainline Bridgewater Canal
looking back at the M56 as we left the Runcorn Arm
a splendid water tower in the far distance on the River Weaver
workmen packing up for the day
they had obviously just cleared this site but not sure why.

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