Monday, 27 September 2010

Ryans Bridge to Bramble Cutting

On Thursday 23/9 we moved from Ryans Bridge 210 to Bradley Meadow Bridge 206 as the forecast was heavy thunder storms so I thought that this may be a good day for housekeeping.  In the end we decided to stay Friday too and managed to get lots of jobs done on Rock n Roll.
  Saturday dawned bright at cold it was still only 5degrees C at 9am.  Not long after we'd upped-sticks just past the aqueduct we saw the above ?? another marina in the making? Saltersford and Barnton Tunnels were done without incident and we picked up water and disposed of our refuse at Anderton.   It wasn't long before we encountered the weed infested waters that occur on this stretch of the Trent and Mersey - in some places the weeds are well over half way across the canal making bends somewhat nerve racking.   Fortunately this time we did not meet another boat coming towards us on these stretches.
 pins in at bramble cutting ....
 .... first the priorities as we sit in the last of the day's sunshine
 .... while Molly expended some energy
 the following morning we're about to set off again from Bramble Cutting ..
.. it will probably be a while before we're this way again.

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