Monday, 27 September 2010

Dunham Massey Park at Little Bollington

Woke up this morning (18th September) to a promising day weatherwise (we thought anyway).  We whiled away the morning and took a walk into Dunham Massey Park in the afternoon.
This notice was pinned to the gate where we bought our veg from a pledge stall just past the canal underpass a couple of weeks ago (click here); the notice says it all.  On glancing back as we continued past the gate I saw a chap coming towards us carrying the missing cash box, holding the handle carefully between finger and thumb through his t-shirt.  I stopped and spoke to him; he was obviously pleased to have recovered the box; he'd found it thrown into the hedge by the canal and was now hoping that the police would be interested enough to fingerprint the box and hopefully catch the culprit; he had a very good idea who this person was.  I hope that it all works out for him and that his stall will be up and running again in the not too distant future.
The mill wheel turning to power the carpentry equipment in the building above it
On our last visit click here George (hubby) didn't see this car in the garage and didn't recognise it from my photo - so we took another look.
I hope you can read this ok - interesting
The (slaughter) house  in the woods was probably built in 1740,
and just in case you can't read this info - this was a game larder rather than where deer would have been slaughtered.
"A certain number of male deer should be gelt at about a year old, which are called haviors; these are accounted very fine and a great rarity, and if fat are never out of season, so that where there is a proper and sufficient number of these kept, the lord is never at a loss for venison at his table when he calls for it"  John Mordant in The Complete Steward, 1759.
they look such gentle creatures
see below for explanation
162 years old - impressive!
can't resist these pictures
by this time (15:40) it was raining quite hard and we started for home, the roof of which we could see from the park
we couldn't resist a visit to the Swan with Two Nicks on the way back although we had to sit under a large sun umbrella outside as they do not accept dogs indoors, so missing the warmth and comfort of this lovely fire roaring inside!

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