Thursday, 13 February 2014

A bit choppy!

We’ve been rather busy of late.

George has been helping out Stuart at Lambon Boats most days with the painting preparation on Still Rockin’ and I’ve been packing up Rock ’n’ Roll ready for the take over by Ann and Kev on 1st March as well as starting on the curtains for Still Rockin’.

We’ve only a few days left now living aboard our narrowboat and life will change rather drastically after the 1st of March when we will be ‘downsizing’!  Watch this space!

In the meantime, Molly still needs a bit of exercise and so when the wind appeared to drop a bit yesterday we took a walk just around the marina.  Our mooring here at Droitwich Spa Marina is in the lee of the locks as is fairly well sheltered from the winds so it was a ‘bit' of a surprise when we reached the ‘other corner’ of the marina and wind nearly blew both of us off our feet!

Not nearly as rough as in places further south around the Thames and the Oxford areas.  We appear to be getting off quite lightly here in the midlands although the River Severn at Worcester is doing its best to make life difficult for house dwellers.

To all our fellow boaters and blog readers ... stay safe, stay dry, stay warm.

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