Sunday, 14 June 2009

Monday 1st - 13th June 2009
Refuelled etc at Rose Narrowboats and moved just a short distance down the Oxford into the sunlight (our mooring there was in the shade near the bridge so that Nigel (carpenter at Rose Narrowboats) could keep an eye on it for us; we stayed there for a couple of days recuperating from our very busy and enjoyable weekend at Marks.

On Thursday 4th we moved on to Tesco's at bridge 58 - this parakeet was sitting just opposite our mooring, it seemed very comfortable there even when people were standing a few feet away looking at it - it stayed there most of the day, when we came back from shopping it was sitting on the top of our boat- it flew off down the canal later, but was back the following day.

We had to take Molly to the vets (Rainsbrook Veterinary ) in Rugby as she'd developed a cyst between her toes on her back right paw; the vet applied a poultice and advised that we took her to their practice at Hillmorton on Saturday morning to have it removed and checked which we did. After a course of antibiotics she now seems completely recovered.

Met Marion and Mike for lunch on Sunday 7th at the Rose Inn at Willoughby which has recently been restored after a fire nearly completely destroyed it. The Inn is now under new management who has also now taken over the The Admiral Nelson at Braunston which is very good news. We stayed in the area for a very relaxing couple of days.

On the 10th (Wednesday) we upped-sticks at moved on to Bruanston for services and shopping and then on Thursday moved onto the Oxford just before bridge 99 - another great mooring (and all the way past bridge 101 too)

and just look at this sunset taken here at 18 minutes past 8 on the 13th - what a fabulous picture!!

Thursday 21st - Sunday 31st May
After that brilliant day in Coventry we returned to Hawkesbury Junction and the following morning found that our middle pin had been pulled out; it was fastened back onto the boat so we didn't lose it, but the next day we realised that our boat pole was missing - both incidents must have happened whilst we we either at the Greyhound for a meal on Wednesday evening our whilst we were out walking the dog. Up to this point we have always enjoyed our stays there.

We left Hawkesbury on the 24th to move to Hopsford Aquaduct, just past bridge 19 - saw 'the other' Rock n Roll moored along the way.

Nice mooring here but not always possible to get close in to the side - nice open views though over the golf course and over the tow path side too for walking - the buttercups and clover were beautiful.

We stayed at the aquaduct until 27th when we up-sticked at moved on to Rose Narrowboats where we were leaving the boat to spend a few days with our son and family, returning on the 31st.