Wednesday, 7 November 2012

It's in!

It was just .2 of a degree above freezing on Monday morning as we left our mooring at All Oaks for the short cruise to Rose Narrowboats at Stretton-under-Fosse ...

 ... and the frost was still evident, but the sun had also put in a promising showing

Looking back down the unstable cutting where speed is restricted to just 2 miles per hour!

We managed to have the toilet tank pumped out but it was getting on for midday before the work began!  The fitting of the new composting toilet was going to be relatively easy as the only installation is the fan and hose which is connected from the toilet to the outside to draw air across the composter to aid decomposition.  For us this meant dismantling the now redundant pump-out pipe exit, fitting a mushroom vent over it on the roof and connecting the fan to the 12volt system.  Easy peasy!

The hard bit was to dismantle the rest of the old system - bearing in mind that it was installed nearly 5 years ago before any of the bulkheads (walls between 'rooms' on the boat) were built. Rather an awkward and 'messy' job to say the least!  

However George's hard work in not very nice conditions prevailed and 'job done!'  There's still a few 'cosmetic' jobs to be dealt with when we can but it's in and it's working just as it says on the tin!

We're not sure what to do with what we've removed and the under-bed tank.  We asked here at Rose Narrowboats but they're not interested as they're now in the process of standardising all their new hire boats.  We've also contacted Streethay Wharf and they may be interested in buying the system from us minus the cost of assisting George to take the tank out and the provision of new ballast to retrim Rock n Roll.  I do hope they will!  

However, if there's anyone out there who know someone who may be interested in a Sanimarin toilet (spotless) macerator system with all the electric gubbings and tank please ask them to contact us - the only proviso is that the buyer collects from where ever we are asap.


  1. Not one of your bog standard blog reports!!!!!

    1. Very good Garry!! Was absolutely brilliant to speak to you today - thank you! xx

  2. Congratulations! Your new loo looks like it has always resided in your bathroom. Well done George!
    Jaq & Les