Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Greyhound

 A very pleasant but rather chilly cruise yesterday morning through the Warwickshire countryside ending up at ...

The Greyhound, Hawkesbury Junction for a delicious meal.  We reckon this is the best pub on the cut!


  1. It certainly looks like a warm, friendly sort of place. And George is smiling fit to burst, so it must be fine and, by the look of things, the beer must be fine too.

  2. We love it too. We gave a Herbie award for best pub to the Greyhound last year. See
    As to this year, I'll have to think of another pub. Hmmmm (goes off into daydream) . .

    1. My fave too! My daughter lives in Coventry and when I visit her, we always have a night at The Greyhound for a meal and a few pints. There is always a good selection of beers, a warm fire in the winter and good service. Can't fault it and only wish it was my local!