Sunday, 22 August 2010

We'll be away soon and Our Molly

I am so pleased to announce that we shall be once again on the move from Saturday 29th.  George's contract finished earlier than anticipated but as we'd paid for this mooring for 3-months we've stayed on.  Since George finished work it has rained on most days and until the last 4/5 days or so we were unable to start painting the roof and planks and poles etc., but now it's nearly finished and very smart it looks too.  Just an engine service to do afterwards and we'll once again be ready to Rock n Roll!
In the meantime - I want you all to say ahhhh......... how cute!!
this is Molly our Patterdale Terrior at just 2-weeks old - isn't she lovely? Her eyes were so blue!
8-weeks old in these two pictures - we've just brought Molly home ..
.. it was early February 2008 and the sun is shining

this would have been at Easter 2008 at Braunston, the company building RnR had informed us that they were going to cease trading and we'd moved the boat into the marina.  The fitout was complete but there was no engine, central heating or anything like that!  And it snowed as well - Molly was warm though in her little red jacket that I'd sewn from one sleeve of an old fleece jumper!
Molly the Meercat!!
She was just 12-weeks old when we moved onto RnR to live and she started to do this without any prompting at all, she still rises onto her back legs and walks - all the better to see further as she is so small!
April 2008 -getting bigger now - taken at Newbold Quarry amongst the primroses as we started our new life - setting off from Braunston heading for the Ashby Canal.
This is Molly as she is now - taken on the way to this marina - she looks so funny lying like this with her what seem to be double jointed back legs which look like skinny chicken drumsticks!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Memory Lane

I've definitely been in this marina for too long and started to reminisce about our past life when I came across a memory stick containing old photos (taken over a couple of years prior to living aboard RnR)
We lived in Fairbourne, Gwynedd, North Wales, which for those who don't know the area is on the west coast of Wales, on the opposite side of the Mawddach estuary from Barmouth, approximately 8 miles from Dolgellau.  The house is called Rose Cottage and we spent a very happy 18 years there.
from our bedroom window on the side of the house we can see straight down the Mawddach Estuary, which some say is/should be the 9th wonder of the world! A magnificent view.
taken the last winter we spent there - 2006/7 - we had deep snow that year
the front garden - the roses on the trellis are called Penny Lane purchased from Austin Roses on-line
virgin snow in the back garden
we had many family get-togethers (especially BBQ's) in that garden
and the lounge was big enough for all the neices, nephews and grandchildren to relax in!
the dining room - this is an old one! Adam on the left had his 17th birthday earlier this month!
George and I taken from a high(ish) point overlooking Fairbourne and the mouth of the Mawddach Estuary.  You can see Rose Cottage from here - its the lowest building on the left of the picture (I think you can click on the photo's to enlarge if you so wish of course)
Cader Idris taken from Fairbourne beach!
Cregennan Lake - a favourite drive up into the mountains 
our very favourite lake above Llanelltyd where we moved to once Rose Cottage was sold to await the building of Rock 'n' Roll.
Across the Estuary to an intriguing property with a clock tower on the road into Barmouth - I wish I could remember what it was called!!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A brief storm

July 21st just before 19:00 - a storm is brewing
just before half past 7 the rain stops and the sky lightens and this beautiful rainbow appeared
and the light changed on the vegetation across the marina
a brief but welcome drop of water to cool us down!