Thursday, 7 February 2013

The internet and the blog

Yes, we are still in the land of the living!

We’re currently in Cheshire; the 3-mobile wi-fi informs me that we have an H-4bar signal, but can I load photos onto my blog? NO!!!
I have some great pictures to upload - but no chance and it’s been like this now for 3 days, before that there was no signal at all!
Can’t understand why 4G is being tested when the larger parts of rural areas can’t even get a basic service.
I’m feeling rather frustrated!


  1. Carol,
    Three mobile are now using a program called "Trafficsense" to "throttle" mobile broadband usage. So you may be on an "all you can eat" data plan but the tap is dripping water rather than running!

    1. Hi Tom - thanks for that! George is going to look into it to see if there’s anything he can ‘do’.

  2. Thanks for that Tom - George says he’s going ’to look into that'