Saturday, 9 February 2013

Into Tattenhall

We decided on Sunday morning that we would go back up the locks and moor for a few days where the towpath was in better condition

and as we set off Mr Peacock was showing off on the other side of the canal.

On Wednesday, a beautiful but extremely cold day we decided we’d move back down the locks.

There are some very pretty houses ...

… on this short stretch, but maybe a bit bleak in bad weather.

Maintenance is being carried out on the railway embankment which runs alongside the canal.

A support has been secured to the top edge and heavy plastic sheeting attached, over which the hardcore is placed above caisions 

The top soil that had been removed at the beginning of the job is returned to the bank and what looks like hessian sacking is overlaid.

I’m assuming that another layer of soil will be used for planting and ‘bobs your uncle’ job done!
Although we did glimpse snowdrops under a hedge a week or so ago, this pussy willow at Tattenhall Marina has been the first proper sign we’ve seen that spring really is on its way - lovely.

Terns in the sunset sunrise at 08:40 [edited 12/2/13!!]

and Beeston Castle over the moored boats at Tattenhall Marina


The ducks here are cheeky blighters - they jump onto the pontoon and knock at the window then walk up and down following you as you move about inside looking into each window! Right characters they are!

We’ve hired a car, Tescoed, had a bit of real retail therapy (not groceries), had a lovely meal in the Sportsman’s Arms last night, off to visit family today and friends for a meal tonight and tomorrow (Sunday) we’ll be back at the Sportman’s for yet another meal.  Life is good!