Friday, 15 February 2013

A good news day

44 Years ago today (15th February 1969) was the best day of my life!

I’m a bit sad though that we don’t have our wedding album on the boat with us, I would have loved to look through it today!

 But never mind I’ve got George here instead!

Yesterday was a good day too - eldest grand-daughter Louise was 18!

and this morning at 3am Victoria Poppy was born - the daughter of our nephew Mat and partner Anna.

We’ve also moved on today from Tattenhall Marina ...

… this is the clock that’s in reception there - the large cog revolves anti-clockwise … 
… it reads 3 mins past 1

The Beluga Aircraft on its way from Broughton Airfield with aircraft wings for Toulouse 

It was so lovely with the sun on our backs as we cruised slowly past the 2-mile line of moored boats at Golden Nook

The towpath though is atrocious - he was peddling like mad and fortunately didn’t fall off!


Currently moored outside the Cheshire Cat where we saw this cormorant drying his feathers 

A couple of pictures of the River Dee in Chester

on one of our retail therapy days.

Cooking an anniversary meal this evening - got the bubbly and the chocs and a lovely man to share it with.


  1. Congratulations to you both, glad to hear your on the move again! Doug and James

  2. Gosh congrats to you both! Hope you had a lovely evening.. What a day of celebration you had! xx

  3. Congratulation on today. 44 years!! Tried to put you a photo on here, taken outside the church, but don't know how. Still love to you both. xxx

  4. Thank you - we had a lovely day and a lovely meal.