Saturday, 23 February 2013

And so to Ellesmere Port

Time to move on; we’ve managed George has managed to rub down, rustproof and black gloss above the gunwales whilst we’ve been here so Rock n Roll is now ready for the summer

Leaving Tower Wharf yesterday after filling the water tank ...

… heading under the turn-over bridge 126 past all the new apartment buildings which have sprung up since we were here last 4 years ago.

It was a cold day, cloudy with the occasional brighter interval and brief snow flurry

Approaching the very stylish disused railway viaduct bridge 132A with it’s lovely arches on both sides of the bank

and passing the busy M53 charging up and down to our right

and NB Badger Sett who was moored behind us at Tower Wharf and is also on it’s way to Ellesmere Port

Past Cheshire Oaks which is unfortunately not accessible from the canal and where our son and family were shopping a as we passed

Signs of huge industry lining the Manchester Ship Canal

and a cormorant which appeared to struggle to get above those wires

C&RT contractors busy at bridge 144

cutting back the overhanging trees and bushes on the offside

and it’s times like this when I wish we had a multi-fuel fire!

Skinny snow sticks on Molly’s bedding for a fleeting moment

We’ve arrived - we need to arrange for the trip boat to be moved so that we can drop down into the lower basin

descending Whitby Top Lock at the National Waterways Museum

and the view to my left as I go

Whitby Bottom Lock - this is what Geoff calls a ‘pisser’ and it really did … all over me, Molly, the and the back deck … and it seemed to take ages before the lock was ready for me to move out of the p*****g way!

Just as soon as we finally moored up there was a phone call from son Mark to say they were in the car park so the day ended with a visit from them and a fish supper - lovely!

Views from Rock ’n’ Roll this morning

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