Sunday, 24 February 2013

Under attack

A peaceful scene - Mallards cruise serenely, the Cormorant dries his wings

and the Moorhens do what they do.

And what do you want?

I’ll just ignore him; he might go away

… mmmmmm ...

… reinforcements ...

The crows did have a go at him, pecking at his wings.
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  1. We were watching one of our marina crows at the weekend. He was mugging the Oyster Catchers for the mussels they were digging out. Then he was taking them to the boat park (where our boat is currently chocked ashore) and was dropping them from a great height to crack them open. He was very successful and was bringing mussels back all day. God only knows how many the Oyster Catchers must be catching to feed themselves and this crow!