Monday, 18 February 2013

We spent a great evening with friends Andy and Jen over a meal on Saturday in The Cheshire Cat, when we were here last (I think it was during late summer 2008) dogs were not allowed inside, so we were surprised when we rang to book a table and they informed us that small, quite dogs who will sit under the table are welcome in the bar area, so Molly came too!

Yesterday morning (Sunday) we set off to walk into Chester along the towpath ...

… passing Tarvin Lock House on the way now up for sale. Check out this website for a look inside this fabulous grade II listed building with a price tag of just under half a million!

This is as far as we got, just short of Chester town centre and stopped for lunch which was very nice indeed.  The Old Harkers Arms used to be a chandlery owned and run by a Mr Harker; the new owners have done a great job inside.

Whilst walking we received a call from friends Libby and Al who asked if they could spend an hour or so with us in the afternoon - we were delighted to see them again with Poppy and Maisie and look forward to visiting them on the way back from Ellesmere.

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