Saturday, 30 March 2013

On our hols ...

Our family altogether at Kaber Chapel

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Minus 5 ...

… at Lyme View Marina at 6 am this morning and there’s ice on the water!

That’s our hire car on the left in the car park - all ready to be loaded up for our trip to the Eden Valley (Cumbria) tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A big birthday!

Happy Birthday George

65 today!

Love you lots!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Cold in the sunshine!

Preparing for the off at 20 past 11 this morning …

 Ray and Diane passed us late yesterday evening, they’re staying here today ...

 … and a passing shot - half and half of Elaine and Paul!

There’s still some slushy ice on the canal at Macclesfield
 The Hovis Mill - those of you who’ve read the Nicholson’s Guide will know that the word Hovis comes from the Greek ‘hominisunvis’ meaning ‘power to the man’ - Hovis - a man’s loaf then!

 More fantastic ...

 … scenery …

… as we head towards …

... Bollington

The lying snow became worse ...

… the further north we travelled

The drifting snow creates wonderful sculptures ..

Nature is ...

… a great ...

… artist!

Ice flows

Deep snow

Cruising ducks

We had to crunch through this lot!

The grade II  Adelphi Mill once a cotton mill and now converted to offices ...

…more information here (sorry about the branches, picture taken from a moving boat!)

The ice flow is getting much thicker now

Monkey business at the canal centre

 Another impressive mill building 

Snow accentuates the stupendous views

Clarence Mill ...

… sister to the Adelphi Mill

Snow still sitting on the iced edges

Molly’s found another favourite spot on the locker on the back deck - if you look carefully (or click to enlarge) you can just see her ear!

Impressions of horse ropes on the bridge ‘oles from times long past

A roll-over 

The view behind us - lovely!

Old stone fence posts march along the towpath

Eastwood End Caravan site at Adlington - I wonder if it will be busy here this Easter weekend?

A good hairdresser or a bad-hair day?

Grimshaw’s Bridge

Arriving at Lyme View Marina ...

 … at our mooring ... 

… and getting settled in.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Wintery Walk

Cabin Fever!

 Out for a walk

 Approaching a turnover bridge …

… sometimes called a roving bridge ...

 … or a snail bridge

… taking the towpath ...

 … from one side of the canal to the other without having to unhitch the horse (not that we’ve got a horse!)

There’s some slushy ice in places …

… but virgin snow in the woods ...

… and stalactites  under bridge 41

NB Caxton just before the water point where we turned round and walked back minus all those cobwebs we’ve collected in the cabin over the past few days.

Back at RnR and look at that - blue skies and an outside temperature of nearly 4 degrees!

Come rain, sun, hail, wind or snow tomorrow we’re leaving Macclesfield and continuing north to Lyme View Marina where we’re leaving the boat and joining our kids and grandkids for a family holiday!  Whoopeeeee!