Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A dull day but a good one

Leaving last night’s peaceful mooring - just a 2-mile cruise today …

“Haven’t you ever seen a cow before?"

A fantastic period house - apart from the ‘lean-to’ on the back it looks mostly original

Moored at the bottom of Bosley Locks where ...

… we have good views ...

… all around us ...

… including views from the Dane Aqueduct ...

… down onto the River Dane

We took a walk after lunch to the top of Bosley Locks from lock 12 ...

… looking back from lock 10

Cloud Fell in the background ...

Interesting information boards - above is the house mentioned on this board (click to enlarge)

All about saving water - most of these locks leak like a sieve!

A new-ish sanitary station at the top lock with a separate arm behind for boats requiring the services of the pump out and elsan, it also includes showers, toilets and laundry facilities.

What was once the lock-keepers cottage - very nice!

All about the lock flight

The locks have twin top gates but unfortunately no steps on them to cross back after closing one gate - most of the locks we saw today had at least one of the top gates left open

Seen in the distance above the top locks - should have good signals for miles!

Back to Rock n Roll

A single wild primrose by the hedge

Sunset tonight at 7 pm - glorious!

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  1. You're cracking on, aren't you! I guess you're saving Mow Cop for another time. ;-}
    From where you are tonight you can do The Cloud...
    We're (very slowly) heading up to Stoke, from where we'll be joining you on the Macc.
    Looking forward to it. Oh, and I never thanked you for the anniversary card. So, thanks!
    Keep well