Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Wintery Walk

Cabin Fever!

 Out for a walk

 Approaching a turnover bridge …

… sometimes called a roving bridge ...

 … or a snail bridge

… taking the towpath ...

 … from one side of the canal to the other without having to unhitch the horse (not that we’ve got a horse!)

There’s some slushy ice in places …

… but virgin snow in the woods ...

… and stalactites  under bridge 41

NB Caxton just before the water point where we turned round and walked back minus all those cobwebs we’ve collected in the cabin over the past few days.

Back at RnR and look at that - blue skies and an outside temperature of nearly 4 degrees!

Come rain, sun, hail, wind or snow tomorrow we’re leaving Macclesfield and continuing north to Lyme View Marina where we’re leaving the boat and joining our kids and grandkids for a family holiday!  Whoopeeeee!


  1. Great pictures as usual Carol especially the set on the turnover bridge.

    Enjoy your holiday you two and don't forget to bring some sunny weather back with you.. Have fun xx

    1. Thanks Sue, we’ll do our best - to enjoy (not difficult) and bring back some decent weather!