Friday, 22 March 2013

Back to the white stuff

We planned to take a walk into Macclesfield yesterday, I was told there was a small Tesco store there and I needed fresh fruit and veg, but just as we were ready to leave …

… Brian and Ann Marie on fuel boat Alton sounded their horn …

 … after knocking frantically on the window they reversed alongside and we took on some diesel …

… a well stocked boat it is too!

So off we set for the shopping, but we couldn’t find the little Tesco and the town was not particularly impressive or interesting so returned to Rock n Roll for a well deserved cuppa to revive ourselves from that bitingly cold wind. We decided that we’d go instead to the Farm Shop at Sutton.

 Just under the aqueduct there’s a couple of interesting properties on the edge of the road, I couldn’t decide whether this one was inhabited or not! ...

… and on the other side of the road is Plough House just a few yards from the canal …

 … and the inscription over the garage door - from humble beginnings etc, …

We found the Farm Shop - it’s mainly a butcher’s shop which sells great meat but only a small selection of veg but enough for our needs.  We spent the rest of the day in the warmth of RnR whilst outside the wind increased alarmingly.  Rock n Roll was tied tightly at the visitor moorings yet the wind was able push us backwards and into the side - she was certainly living up to her name!

And then this morning … oh dear ...

… back to the white stuff and the wind is just as bad as it was yesterday.  Time to baton down the hatches and stay warm!


  1. Crikey you've got a raging blizzard there--more like March weather in Alaska. We were up the Shroppie this time last year and spring was lovely. It can come back any time, yeah?

    We wondered where you were moored when you walked into Macclesfield. The Tesco Metro is located on Exchange Street, between Churchill Way and Mill Street which is the high street, 10 minutes walk down the hill from bridge 37. there is not a lot of mooring space up there by the Puss n Boots pub and the water point. the Tesco Metro is quite a large store and well stocked for a Metro--in case you want to stop on your way back out.
    Stay warm and dry. Hugs all around!
    Jaq and Les

    1. Thanks Jaq, no wonder we couldn’t find Tesco!

  2. Jill, Matilda RoseFriday, 22 March, 2013

    We loved the Macc. What wouldn't I give to swap a bit of flat Fenland for some of your hills right now - even if they are covered in snow

    1. One day Jill, one day - you need to be patient!!!!

  3. We woke to the same but it stopped until 3 o'clock! Now it's getting really thick. Don't think I'll manage to get far tomorrow!! Keep warm. Love xxxx

    1. Don’t blame you Sandra - stay warm you too!