Monday, 18 March 2013

New waters ... for us

10 past 7 at the visitor moorings Church Lawton

We waited until the rain had stopped Saturday morning so it was after 11when we set off - first lock of the day …

Red Bull (a no-dogs pub)

Heading for the very low bridge at Hardings Wood Junction ...

… and into the lock where the paired lock is ...

… having the bottom gates replaced ….

… and there they are deep in the lock

George all wrapped up as we turn sharp right at the junction onto new waters ...

… and yet another very sharp right ...

Looking over Poole Aqueduct down at lock 42

Dead cars graveyard!

Not seen Mow Cop from this angle before ...

Hall Green (stop) Lock - the start of the Macclesfield Canal …

… has a very narrow approach …

… and a nice sunny alcove between the two properties

Despite the weather there really are signs of spring - wild primroses ...

… and snowdrops!

Hall Green Bridge - a lovely horseshoe shape

followed by Tramroad Bridge - we were wondering if all the bridges on the Macclesfield will be so spectacular.

An unusual swing bridge - if you look closely (click to enlarge) you’ll see a chain on the leading edge of the bridge dropping into the water and re-emerging on the righthand wall so that locals and walkers can swing it across for access - such a simple idea.

A fishing match in progress at bridge 89 where just after we met Linda and David from NB Critical Point - they recognised Rock n Roll from our visits to Tattenhall Marina and are friends of Jill and Graham (apparently so Graham tells us - there was an unfortunate incident when they first met - something to do with a hire boat and a toilet?)

Wow … we can’t believe that we were born and raised in Staffordshire but have never been to Mow Cop - definitely something to put right in the future!

Kent Green Bridge ...

… just look at the stone work.

We pulled in and moored just before Ramsdell Hall ...

… with fantastic view …

… over the countryside

The original plan was for the canal to run behind the hall but it was eventually built at the front. to compensate, rather than build a hedge it was agreed with the then owners to erect the unusual fence that you can see in the pictures above.

Ramsdell Hall - click for a very interesting website by someone whose family once lived here

Another sign of spring - the gorse bush in bloom ...

… and a happy chappy on NB Molly posing when he saw the camera!

The Crooked House is just a mile away from the canal - but unfortunately the footpath was like a quagmire today so we gave it a miss!

We realised when out walking that there were designated visitor mooring a hundred yards or so further along the canal and decided to move up and as we walked back to RnR guess who was passing - yes that’s Paul and Sam on Lesley and Joe’s previous boat - Caxton.

By the time we got back to RnR, loosed the ropes and cruised to the moorings Caxton was already settled - we arranged with Paul that he and Elaine come for drinks in the evening and had a lovely time over a bottle or two of red (and white).  See you both again soon!


  1. If you're heading up the Macc give us a wave when you get to the poynton area ;)

    1. Will do - we’re in Lyme View Marina from end March to 8th April so will see you soon after - look out for us!

  2. Hi Both
    If this was Saturday, I hope you've taken advantage of the good weekend to go up yonder hill. If not there's good access from a couple of bridges on, across the railway at Ackers Crossing. Yes, most of the bridges are delightful. You're going to enjoy that canal...

    1. Hi, it was Saturday but late afternoon when we arrived - and no we didn’t walk it! What with the weather and awful towpaths we didn’t make that effort! We’ve loved what we’ve seen so far of the Macclesfield and hopeful will come back when we haven’t got a deadline (to get to the marina) and maybe do it then - you could perhaps show us the way?