Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A day with a difference!

 The mist took its time to lift this morning - left at 07:30 and right at 09:00 as we prepared to leave Kings Sutton on Thursday 13th October

 I'm walking with Molly again this morning and can see these Mill buildings as I approach Twyford Wharf.
 Grant's Lock Bridge is being refurbished ...

... but the lock house looks tired; it's a pity it has to have bars on the lower windows 

This is only the second time ever that I have operated a lock (I'm terrified of heights, suffer from vertigo and can't swim!)
 I'm waiting for George to arrive at the lock - if you know me you will know how hard it was to get this close to the edge of the lock to take this picture of the lock cill ...
 ... and here he is now - this is the first time that George has steered RnR into a narrow lock
 Gosh, she's long - I'm usually down there on the back!
It wasn't long after this that I was stung on my calf although I didn't see what it was, but it really hurt!
 Welcome to Banbury at bridge 172 ...
 ... and here comes Rock n Roll
 Contemporary and derelict building side by side ...
 ... near the town centre.
 Off to explore the town passing Long John Silver at the Mill Cafe and Exhibition
The historic Tooley's Yard ...
 ... where Katherine M Waters has her gallery which was very interesting.
The tiger behind her was sculpted by Katherine from real-life and is absolutely amazing.  The studio is well worth a visit and she also exhibits her paintings (canal scenes) in Annie's Tea Room in Thrupp.

 2 very different Banbury buildings - 

The Town Hall
and this 
fantastic shop's

 The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin
 A very pretty ...
 ... courtyard of buildings ...
 ... opposite the church ...
 ... and a very elegant street near ...
 ... Banbury Cross and that fine lady ...
... on a white horse

 The Old Wine Shop
 and back to RnR ...
 ... up Banbury Lock ...
 ... and past 'The Dancers'
 I was having problems steering and could hear a 'click, click, click from the propeller so pulled over and George went down the weed hatch and came up with this - the inner core was solid metal!
 Maffi - and he's going the wrong way - we should have been catching up with him near Cropredy! He's had to turn back for business reasons but I'm sure he will now catch up with us at some stage soon.
 We're seeing all sorts of unusual sights today
 Reducing Flood Risk at bridge 195 - the barrier they were building must have been at least 12' high - does someone know something I don't?  George is just showing off (click to enlarge if you can't see him)
 A really sorry sight at Slat Mill Bourton Lock (see comment below)
 Cows on the pasture ...
 ... and in the water - we cruised past about 18"away from them!
 self explanatory!
 donkeys, cows and now brown sheep with horns ...
... before we rise in Cropredy Lock and put in the pins on the narrows for the night.


  1. Sorry its not Slats Lock its Bourton

  2. Sorry I didn't leave my name on the last posting.
    Brian on Harnser