Monday, 10 October 2011


From our mooring at Iffley Lock we caught a bus into Oxford for a sightseeing day. 

Oxford Canal
... taken through the bus window ...
... we shall pass presumably on the other side of the pub as we cruise past Oxford on the River Thames before joining the Oxford Canal via Dukes Cut

We decided to take a bus tour of the city so that we could decide where we would like to visit on foot. The tour was great (although we wen't dressed for the biting cold wind! These are are a few of the photos taken from the top of the tour bus ...

Castle Hill
... where the original castle was built way back in 1071

 Nuffield College 
Founded by Lord Nuffield in 1937 to promote industrial Studies

Aldate's Church

University College on the left, the spire of St Mary the Virgin on the right and All Saints Church in the middle distance
I found Oxford overwhelming in all senses ... there was so much in such a comparitavely small space.  I wanted to 'stand back' to take it in but that was impossible, the traffic both on the roads and the pavements prevented this.  So we walked, and walked, and took pictures not being sure that I would remember what the pictures were of - so I hope that I've got them right!

Tom Tower, Christ Church
named for its bell Great Tom

Magdalen College
Founded in 1485 is the 10th oldest college

Sheldonion Theatre
Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built in the 1660's

The corner of Broad and Catte St (I think)
The Clarendon Building on the right now part of the Bodleian Library and Hertford College on the left

Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Built between 1855 - 1860

Pit Rivers / Radcliffe Science Library
next to the Natural History Museum

The Rotunda of Rhodes House
Built in 1928 partly to commemorate Cecil Rhodes Scholarships 

 Hertford College - The Bridge of Sighs
Founded in 1282 as Hart Hall and in 1740 as Hertford College

Bodleian Library
 Established in 1602 - A glimpse into the courtyard ...
... wow! The names above the doors read ..Schola Musicae, Schola Moralis Philosophiae!
Looking back to the entrance

All Souls
Founded in 1438 - ninth oldest college
taken through the filigree of the gate
taken from the High Street

 Radcliffe Camera
All Souls on the left and St Mary's behind ...
... and Brasenose College on the right

Museum of Oxford
part of Oxford Town Hall building

Oriel College
Founded in 1326
a glimpse through the doorway - very pretty
fifth oldest college
the ubiquitous row of bikes in university towns

Corpus Christi
Founded in 1517
the smallest undergraduate college

Merton College
founded in 1264
one of the three oldest colleges

reminiscent of 'Morse'

Christ Church
founded in 1120 ...
... one of the largest colleges ...
 ... is also the Cathedral church of the Diocese of Oxford

University College
Founded in 1249 ...
... the oldest collegiate foundation

Queen's College
founded in 1341 the fifth oldest college

University Church of St Marys

Brasenose College
founded in 1509

I really don't know what this building is
- it's located on the corner of Turl and High Street opposite the fashion shop Phase Eight - anyone know?

Freshers Week
I bet there are some nervous but excited students amongst these!

We returned to Rock n Roll - by taxi as we were both so, so cold and so tired - it was good to be home!


  1. Hello nice photo's as usual.

    I believe the building on Turl and High street corner is the library of Lincoln college.