Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hellos and farewells

Friday 21st after collecting bits and pieces ordered from Bottom Lock Chandlery and saying farewell to friends and acquaintances in Braunston we upped-sticks and set of; our destination was Willoughby just a few miles outside Braunston.  But after putting the pins in at about 4:15pm ...
.. we heard on the towpath telegraph that 'Valerie' was moored a few miles further on - just about here ...
Pins in once more we went on a recce ... oh, Maffi is here Aardvarks & Maffi's Boat
... and so is Valerie - we'd been so looking forward to meeting Les' new wife Jaq. We spent a very pleasant hour with them drinking the home-made Irish Cream and tea and ginger cake and toffee sauce!  We invited all three to come onboard RnR in the evening to drinks and nibbles - the conversation was varied to say the least and the laughter loud and long - a great evening
Saturday saw Les and Jaq heading towards Braunston - great to see you guys!
Maffi and Molly had some jobs to do and were staying a bit longer ...
... and I set off walking - some of the bridges here are in dire need of tender loving care (or rebuilding) We're heading for bridge 58 Brownsover today to collect something rather special!
Barby Marina has some boats moored but it looks far from finished
Bridge 75 is being monitored ... but that crack looks wider than 5cm!
Through Hillmorton Locks on a fantastic sunny day ...
... and what a surprise just a mile or so on - SKYY- that's Mac on the tiller, Jaquie made a brief appearance as we passed and called out to each other - glad to hear that you're fully recovered Mac, you certainly looked well - Happy Cruising to you both.
Maffi pulled in behind us later in the day - this is at 6:30 pm and it's nearly dark already
We were waiting for our special delivery and as soon as it arrived we called Ann and Chas on 
Moore 2 Life and asked if they wanted out mooring space (we had passed them at Clifton yesterday) it only took about half an hour for them to arrive slot into our space in front of Maffi and we were off!
Our son Mark and his wife Ange had delivered to us Ed and Lucy for a couple of days
The first really autumn looking tree I've seen so far ...
and Lucy - stepping out ... off for a walk
... around Newbury Park ...
... Lake
Half past five from our mooring by railway bridge 41 for the night - too tired to allow the trains to disturb our sleep!

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  1. Les says "Always a pleasure to meet you two." It was a thrill to meet so many boaters whose blogs I follow--all gathered in one place. :) I had a wonderful time aboard RnR. The craic was grand and both Les and I look forward to seeing you and George again. Meanwhile take care and stay warm!