Friday, 28 October 2011

Atherston Locks

 We were in the first of the Atherton flight of locks at 10:40 - looking back at lock 4
 ... and forward to lock 5 - we've been lucky - it's been one up and one down so far, so nice and easy
 and out into the countryside ...
... around lock 9 ...
 There's now a BW working boat in front of us so we go a little slower - but still do all 11 locks in just over 2-hours - not bad going at all!
 A strange set of houses and boats here

A deliberate spelling mistake?

the boat's in rather a sad state 
... just before Grendon Dock
 We've pulled in behind Moore 2 Life; a good mooring for the night ...
.. just after bridge 50 ...
 I wonder what that church is a few miles away on the hill?

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  1. I guess Antartic is a spelling error. There is another working boat called Cyprus after the tree (Cypress). That one belongs to the old Erewash Canal Carrying Co. Grendon Dock is often restoring those old boats.