Thursday, 20 October 2011

Through Cropredy

We took a tour of Copredey before leaving our mooring here (it didn't take long) ...
... a pretty street leads to the church (pity it was refuse collection day though!)
A huge Holly tree in the churchyard - a saying from years ago was that if the holly tree was laden with berries it would be a hard winter - I wonder ??
St Mary's Church
The Victorian Font was acquired in 1853
The lower part of the tower was built in the early 15th century and the belfry probably aded about 80 years later.  It holds 8 bells - 6 from the late 17th century and 2 more added in 2007.
Beautiful stained glass windows
The arches are early 14th century
The original Norman font was restored to the church in 1914
We eventually left Cropredy at about 10:30 cruising out once again into the lovely countryside

Old working boat 

Medieval ridge and furrow ploughing at Varney's Lock
Three stooges just past Elkingtons Lock
There's not a boatyard marked on the map ...
... but peering inside it appears to belong to a farmer who is ripening his pumpkins!
Looking back from Claydon Top Lock
Into what used to be Fenny Compton Tunnel - it was definitely one-way!
Passing Fenny Compton Marina
Autumn Leaves
Old working boat Stanton being spruced up
I'm on the towpath again now with Molly and the fruit on this crab-apple tree is glowing in the sunshine
The view over the hedge ...
... and along the towpath ...
... where I eventually found tonight's mooring ...
... here comes George on the tiller ...
6pm from the galley window.
Yet another great day!

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  1. Thanks for the chat on wednesday it was nice to meet you