Friday, 28 October 2011

Onto the Ashby and back to Hawkesbury Junction

7 am at our mooring by bridge 41on Monday 24th ...
... and at 09:10 as we left ...
Ed and Lucy are walking with Molly and me!
Lucy is well balanced on that log!!
And here comes George to pick us up
Cows on the towpath as we approach Stretton Stop where we stopped for gas and water ...
... and on to Hawkesbury Junction where Ed is helping with that oh so deep lock  (Lucy)
No stopping here today - under that famous bridge ... (Lucy)
... and looking back at The Greyhound Pub ... (Lucy)
We're turning right towards Atherston (Lucy)
The Navigation pub at bridge 14 was boarded up last time we came this way - it's now been seriously vandalised.
Ed is chuffed with his photo on NB Scrumpy Jack!
... as we approach Charity Dock (Ed) ...
... although I've no idea how one would get into the dry dock! (Ed)
The mannequins are set for Halloween (Ed)
 Approaching bridge 15, once through we turn right  ... (Ed)

... onto the Ashby Canal ..
and continue through bridge number 1 (Ed)

We moored for the night between bridges 6 and 8
No idea what on earth this is begging for food just before we left the following day
St Botolph's Church in Burton Hastings in the distance as we pass through bridge 8 ...
... and diggers at work behind the long term moorings, but I couldn't make out quite what they were doing.
We need to wind (turn) to get back to the Coventry Canal and Hawkesbury Junction to meet up with Lucy and Ed's mum and dad for lunch at the pub - but we hadn't realised that the nearest winding hole was nearly 3 miles away!

Back onto the Coventry Canal now and once again
pass by Charity Dock - the figures are most amusing!

An early Christmas Tree ....

and an 'armless lady - at least she has a hat to keep her warm!

I certainly wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night, let alone at Halloween

Whoops, there she goes!
I love these neat canal cottages at the junction.
We met Mark and Ange and went into the Greyhound - we were lucky - it was 10 minutes to 3 when we arrived and they stop serving lunch at 3pm!! The food was even better than usual - delicious burgers, succulent steaks, slow roasted belly pork and posh fish fingers for Ed.
It was great to spend a couple of days with 2 of our grandchildren on board and we're looking forward to seeing them all again mid-November.

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  1. Looks lovely, as usual, I'd have to add. The Greyhound looks a fine pub. Not an area of the country I'm familiar with - more's the pity, it seems. The Dry Dock looks a mite challenging!