Friday, 21 October 2011

Onwards and Upwards

 07:15 at our mooring just south of Spurfoot Bridge (124)
 We were on our way by 09:15 and saw 3 pheasants (1-all black, 1-normal colouring and this white one) across the canal; I didn't manage to snap the other two 
 Waiting for Napton Top Lock to be ready at Marston Doles
 First sighting of the windmill on Napton Hill (click to enlarge) ...
 ... and Napton village
 Steadily descending Napton Locks; the windmill is getting closer
 Lots of horses grazing hereabouts
 Moored just before bridge 112 and we took a picnic lunch up and over Napton Hill ...
 ... where you can see for miles and miles ...
 ... past the windmill ...
 ... to the other side of the hill - I recognise the white building in the upper left of the picture but don't know what it is (???) not sure if we're looking towards Rugby or Coventry from here
 Napton Reservoir looks fairly full
 back to Rock n Roll and set off once again ...
 ... Napton from 'the other side' of the hill
... past Napton Narrowboats ...
 The left turn continues on the Grand Union towards Warwick.  This is just about where we started our summer cruise from in March this year
 passing the pleasant Wigrams Turn Marina
 What a mess!  The farmer has obviously massacered the hedge from the other side and left these branches all over the towpath - I wonder if BW are aware? 
 It's 10 past five as we continue on towards our proposed night's mooring ...
 ... and just after 6 when we arrive; the sun is going down ...
 ... and down ...
... and is gone!
We moored for the night in one (another one) of our favourite spots just before bridge 101.
It's been a brilliant 9-hour day!


  1. We like Bridge 101 and have stayed there several times (and Bridge 102 is good too, for that matter). I was quite shocked when we came along there earlier this month, because the trees and hedges on the offside have been cut right back to nothing. Makes the canal much wider, but it does look a bit stark.

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful Great, atmospheric photos. The sunset, from 17:00 on, looked great. Best.