Friday, 28 October 2011

A bright but chilly day to Atherstone

 The water points at Hawkesbury Junction must be just about the slowest on the system - it took nearly an hour to fill our tank!  So it was after 11 when George winded RnR and set off to catch me up - I'm walking ahead with Ann Moore 2 Life and both our 'Mollies'
 I walked a bit further than Ann and am sitting on the Ashby Bridge wall as they come through bridge 15
 Looking over the bridge down the Ashby - a lovely scene
 You may just be able to see the motor cycle on the right of this picture - it has L plates on it and a passenger on the back with no helmet!  Between here (bridge 15) and the next 3 miles we saw 4 more sights like this - one even had three lads on it - none wearing a helmet - so, so dangerous for them and for walkers and dogs.
 Here comes my knight in shining armour!
 The section of the Coventry Canal through Nuneaton is not the nicest - walkers don't even seem to want to look you in the eye, let alone speak and there is all sorts of rubbish in the water - here a mattress waiting for a propellor to come along!
 Starline Boats at Boot Wharf
 what looks like a header tank which may have 'fallen' from the allotments
 Moore 2 Life had rung to warn me of this boat, apparently a couple of days ago someone poured petrol over the roof, set light to it and then let off the ropes; it floated out into the channel and hit a narrowboat causing the front doors of the nb to also set alight. What kind of idiots do that sort of thing?
 Judkins Quarry and Mount Judd (Jeez) the spoil heap
 And we're eventually out into the countryside again - what a relief
 Hotel Boats Oak and Ash pass us ...
 ... as we approach the BW yard at Hartshill - this edge was crumbling when we passed through here last in December 2009...
 ... in fact the whole yard looks a bit sorry for itself.
Unusual old working boats as we near Atherton where we moored up above the top lock.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is rain, rain and more rain, so we (with Moore 2 Life) will stay on the 48-hour slots until Friday.

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