Monday, 22 March 2010

Burston Village - Trent and Mersey Canal

Monday 22nd March 2010
We left Stone yesterday in warm sunshine - had seen this very unusual blackbird several time but managed to get this photo just before we left. 
lovely moorings around Burston, the railway line is just far enough away not be intrusive
not a boat in sight north or south
except Rock n Roll! 
Burston village pool
the very small village has a mix of very old and much newer houses
built around the village pond
looks like a WAG house near the canal
it was the correct time too!
the church is unusual; unfortunately is was locked and the keyholder at no.8 was not at home, but I was assured by a fellow boater who visited it yesterday that it's very simple inside and well worth a visit

The Greyhound was not at all picturesque but had gained mentions by Egon Ronay in 93 and 94
a beautiful georgian houes
the wildlife was present too - this demanding swan was certainly persistant
and this black ?Koi was in a much smaller garden pond.
We enjoyed our walk around Burston Village, managing to ge back to RnR before the rain set in.


  1. Hi Carol & George, we moored at Burston last time we were on the boat and I had a walk into the village and I have to say I thought it was a lovely village.There are quite a few contrasts in houses. I think there was a cottage for sale opposite the pond.
    Ann & Kev

  2. That looks like a sturgeon not a koi