Sunday, 22 February 2009

Monday 16th February 2009

Met up with our son and family and had another nice meal at the Red Lion - altogether a good celebration - here's to the next 40!!

Sunday 15th February 2009 - Our Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Well..... 40 years married, where did all those years go?

Alison and Ashley called and brought us a bottle of red wine to celebrate our day, we had a good chat and Alison said that Rock 'n' Roll's layout was exactly what she had envisaged for their build, we exchanged details and hope to see them again in the future.

We again went to the Red Lion in Atherston for our anniversary and had a very nice evening - Iwas a little aprehensive about leaving Molly on board as we could hear her crying as we walked away - she knows how to tug the heart strings - she was very pleased to see us return.

Saturday 14th February 2009

Atherston - Met a Nuneaton couple (Alison and Ashley) who want to become continuous cruisers when he is made redundant in April this year, they were asking the usual questions - what do you do about doctors, dentists, post etc and we had an interesting chat about boat builders and fitters and sailaways etc. I suggested that if they were still around later or on Sunday we had a couple of canal magazines they could have to enable them to see what boatbuilders and fitters are out there. They said they would call on Sunday morning.

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