Saturday, 21 February 2009

Friday 13th February 2009

I had picked up some local information sheets from the BW office at Fazeley, amongst which was a tour of historic Atherstone. The Town Trail started and ended at the Market Square and..........

.............. at about lunch time took us into/past the Old Swan, built in the 16th century and was previously a regular meeting place of the Atherstone Hunt.

An interesting history for what initally appears to be an unremarkable place

We had a call later from our daughter saying that they were currently in Cheltenham and asked us to book a table for 7 at a local hostelry and would see us there at about 7.30 - fabulous! We booked the Red Lion and enjoyed a pre Ruby Wedding dinner - it was so good to see them all. They returned to Cheltenham later that evening and returned home to Scotland on Saturday, Louise's 14th birthday.

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