Tuesday, 9 March 2010

a boat out of water

Monday 1st March 2010
Up early this morning to fill up with water before entering Great Haywood Marina.
threw some stale bread out for the ducks at 10 past 8 and the terns swooped down!

We arrived at the marina just after 9 and spent a couple of hours watching them moving boats in and out of the water.
This is the contraption they use - it's hydraulic, the rear axle rises once the boat is loaded so that the stern is higher than the bow - presumably so that it doesn't slide off when they move off!
about 2pm and John is steering towards the launcher - he must get it dead central between the two guides ..

.. like this ..
the 'other' John makes sure that the bow is positioned correctly

and we're starting to come out of the water - scary moment!!
the rear axle is lifting
John on the back checks that she's clear of the water and sides of the slipway
and out of the water completely
not a veiw you see often!
Rock n Roll is backed up to where we'll stay for the duration and the rear axle is lowered ..
.. onto blocks to support her weight
the blocks are repositioned as the launcher is very carefully withdrawn
and this is why the hull needs to be blacked ..
.. after nearly 3.5 years in the water, during 2 of which it had been necessary to 'break ice'

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  1. Hi Carol & George, nice to see it all went well getting "RocknRoll" out of the water.Our boat will be out for blacking while Kev offshore. Hope to see you both again and return the cup of tea! Take care

    Ann& Kev