Sunday, 6 January 2013

On the move once again

Our time was up; we’ve had a great Christmas with son Mark and family; a good start to 2013 meeting up with Ann and Chas on New Year’s Eve afternoon and taking them to see Mags and Geoff at Barton Marina (Mags looking so well too) on New Year’s Day; visiting George’s brother and sister and their families, and the Enterprise hire car has now been returned.  The washing is all up to date and the money has nearly run out of the electricity meter at OverWater Marina on the Shropshire Union Canal near Audlem … so yesterday afternoon it was time to move on …

The sun is setting at 10 past 6

and the sky has changed dramatically by 7:15

… where are we?

Just a mile or so down the deep, gloopy, muddy towpath to Coole Pilate visitor moorings!

Plans for 2013 cruising …
We’ve decided this year to stay away from the rivers … that’s a definite!

Instead …

Up the Bridgewater, across the Ashton, through Standedge Tunnel (just 'cus we can) wind (turn), and back again (we’re too long for the next set of locks), down Lower Peak Forest Canal and the Macclesfield back onto the Trent and Mersey calling to see family on the way on the Caldon Canal.

Spot our error?

I woke George up last night and asked him if we were really going to turn left at the Wardle end on the Middlewich?  ‘Yes’ came the sleepy reply.  ‘We can’t’ says I … ‘because of the huge stoppage at Dutton until Easter (end of March)’ … so plan B …

We’ll just do it the other way round!!