Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Coldy, coldy!

Life at Nantwich is very quiet and outside it’s been very, very cold from early evening until late morning although most of the day times have been sunny and around +6 degrees. 

We’ve still not been able to replace the batteries as the Chandlery here cannot get the correct ones to fit in the allocated space.  George has disconnected the two with a cell down and the power is holding up well on the two good ones.  We have been in touch with the guy who fitted our engine/battery system and ordered a new set and when they’re available we’ll hire a car for the day and collect them from Rose Narrowboats at Stretton Stop.

We’ve been in touch with the C&RT enforcement officer for these mooring and are ok here until tomorrow so we’ll need to contact her again to extend our stay.

We expected to have been frozen in this morning as there was a very thin layer late last night but no, amazingly the water is ice-free this morning!

A few pictures today ...

20 past 4 on Saturday from the galley window

Molly doing her meercat impression, she can walk/stand like this for quite a while and although you can’t see it she’s watching tigers on the telly ...

… and has now settled down to watch in a bit more comfort!

Sorry about the quality of the phone camera pictures even the iPhone 5 takes rubbish indoor ones.

These two were also taken with my iPhone 5 yesterday afternoon just before 4pm when out on our walk - not too shabby even if I do say so myself!


  1. The exterior shots are really prettty good! Looks cold there. Very cold overnight here, too. I hope Molly enjoyed her programme!

  2. Love the pic of Molly watching telly. Rock N Roll looks cozy and warm.

    1. She loves watching the wild animal programmes, keeps jumping on the step to see if they’ve gone behind the telly!