Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What fun!

We could here a motor on the towpath yesterday morning but it was a while before we raised from our cosy bed to see what was going on …

Looking towards the happy chappy we saw the above scene … has the machine fallen down the bank?

The ‘operative' returned - I wonder if this remote controlled ‘toy’ came in his Christmas stocking?

There it is - no driver - no driver’s seat either - and it’s mower!

Here he is (from Balfour Beatty) cutting on the offside bank, he looks very serious but I bet it’s quite good fun although I wouldn’t like to be ‘in control’ of such an expensive piece of machinery on the steep bank sides here at Nantwich.

The sun stayed with us for most of the day - you can see that it’s almost summer outside - a balmy 5.7 degrees - we’d no heating on in Rock n Roll at that time (we’d been out walking) but the sun’s rays through the window directly onto the weather station caused it to read 23 degrees!

Since converting from Windows to Apple Mac I’ve been trying unsucessfully to put a copyright type of watermark on the blog pictures.  I purchased Aperture which was supposed to do the job but it would only allow me to place a mark onto the photo, not to actually create one.  So we looked for something a bit more specific and came up with ‘Impression’ (£10) - very simple, does just what it says on the tin and voila it worked!  Good eh?


  1. I love that Impression! I'll have a look at it myself.

  2. I'm still scratching my head wondering why on earth the BB man was mowing the snow for goodness sake!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

  3. Wow.... That's one heck of a weather station!

  4. The reason for these remote controlled machines is they are much safer for the "driver" if they are used on steep slopes: if they fall over, no one gets hurt.
    Also, because they have no high cabin or high seat for the driver, they are more stable.
    And yes, probably they are more fun to play with.