Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cheerio Nantwich

Yesterday (Tuesday) - 

Lucky to catch a glimpse of this flying narrowboat!

It’s time to go, new batteries fitted, ice gone and the forecast for Wednesday is 
gale-force winds of up to 40 mph

After popping into town to get last minute groceries and having some lunch we moved off to the water point; we needed fuel too but there was a boat already on that pontoon so we reversed back once the tank was full

Crusader shared ownership Venus with Colin on board moved forward for us to pull in behind to top up the diesel tanks and we were away.

We moved just 3 miles to Barbridge and were hoping to have a meal at the pub but the towpath was far too muddy to negotiate in the dark.

Sunshine today but the forecast was correct, the winds are ferocious - glad we hadn’t planned to move on again!

George had arranged to meet Colin in the Barbridge Inn this afternoon so we decided that we would have a meal out at lunch time. Instead of walking on the towpath over bridge 100 we walked towards the Middlewich branch, then over the next bridge, turned back on ourselves onto the pavement and arrived at the pub with clean shoes!

What a complete waste of time!  We’ve called in at the Barbridge for about 35 years both when passing by boat and by car whilst living near Chester and we’ve never been refused entry because we had a dog with us.  I was gutted!

Their loss ... and they must lose a lot too, from passing boaters and towpath walkers.   George walked me and Molly back to RnR and then returned for his pint - while I had a root round in the freezer for something for dinner tonight! Not a happy bunny!


  1. Hi Carol & George, Hope all's well with you all. We're now back in UK but have arranged to look at an NB that's for sale with a marina mooring on the Glos Sharpness canal on Tuesday morning. As complete novices, is there anything we should especially look-out for or ask about? Your thoughts would be most welcome. Best, Iain & Janet

    1. Hi Iain and Janet, it really depends on what you want/need, there’s lot to think about and I’ve sent you an e-mail with our telephone numbers or you can reply here with your number which I obviously won’t publish. I’m sure we can help. Regards.