Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wheelock and news from afar

Feeding the locals when they come knocking ...

… by hand!
Out for a walk along Wheelock Rail Trail

Passing some wonderful ...

… countryside ...

… and the old station platform.

We’re on the move again early in the morning!!

News from afar - well not too far - I had a natter with Jill and Graham a few minutes ago as we’ve heard neither hide nor hair from them or Lesley and Joe for ages.

I’m pleased to tell you that they are all (including the dogs and cat) still in the land of the living, and have been taking advantage of their enforced stay to catch up with family and friends.They are all still smiling and still waiting to get off the Ouse - provisional date 23rd March - here’s hoping then that it happens and they can cruise different waters once again.

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