Saturday, 9 March 2013

Trying to beat the freeze

And there I thought that Spring was definitely on its way!  The forecast for Sunday and into next week is for temperatures that will feel like between -3 and -9 during some nights, and not much better during the day either - so we’re fully expecting the canals to freeze over. 

With this in mind we decided to leave our mooring on the Middlewich early yesterday - the weather being a bit gloomy but not too cold

Leap-frogging Badger Sett again ...

 … this time at the visitor moorings at Top Flash

Wardle Lock cottage looks as if it’s been sold and is having a refurbishment

Through Kings Lock and we took advantage of it being lunch time to stuff ourselves with a portion of their finest and we made our way on tick-over to Trumps Lock passing the swans

I know, not a pretty sight in the lock - poor thing.

 Unusual chimneys on what looks to be a lovely house

Looking back towards Middlewich from the middle lock of the Booth Lane Flight

George helps C&RT hopper below the top lock of the flight as they collect the ‘danger men at work’ signs after winter maintenance has been completed ...

… and tie up on the off-side.

Shackleton ...

… the x-icebreaker.

Arrived at the visitor mooring at Wheelock at just 5pm - a long day but I’m glad we’ve done it - we’ll be on the move again as soon as the weather improves - and that doesn’t look likely until Wednesday!


  1. Hi you two! I love Middlewich. There is good bakery there and the pasties are lovely. The White Bear Pub on Wheelock street has superb food. Wishing you warmth and no freezing! We are moored up past Sewer lock btwn Berko and Hemel, waiting for Hadar to come down with some coal. We did score a lot of wood yesterday though. Like you, I am tired of winter. Bring on Spring!!

  2. love the ice breaker