Friday, 15 March 2013

Minus 8, the best laid plans and an anniversary ...

Our plan today was to get up extra early and set off but the temperature at 6 o’clock was -8 so we turned over and went back to sleep!

 So it was just after midday when we left the water point at Wheelock yesterday hoping that the ice wouldn’t do too much damage to the bow paintwork.

The visitor moorings are still as empty as they have been for nearly the whole of the 6 nights we’ve spent here.

Lock 66 the first of the day with it’s pretty lock cottage - the locks come thick and fast today

Behind lock 65’s bottom gates I wonder if this is the original wood from way back when the canal was built - on this stretch of the Trent and Mersey the iron oxide and the bright sunshine was making this wooden wall look as if it was coated in gold dust!

Pale pink blossom - a sign of spring - let’s hope so - soon.  We had to break the ice between 6 locks and then it was clear water, so not too bad!

Looking towards Lock 57 where George is setting the lock for me 

Looks like an interesting building - perhaps an old school house - taken from inside lock 57 where the shop/cafe/restaurant was closed and major refurbishment was taking place.

What a beautiful old building - lots of cars though, perhaps it’s now a hotel

Can’t remember which lock this was but the lovely coping stones may be original

 Lock 47 looking back - the last of the day ...

… we’ll moor just around the corner at Church Lawton.

And the anniversary - well ….

The crew of Rock n Roll wish …

Have a great day!

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  1. Hey Carol, thanks for the mention! Up onto the Macc tomorrow?