Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Beware blow-holes!

One last glance over the River Dane Aqueduct looking at the railway viaduct this morning

Into the bottom lock (No. 12) of the Bosley Flight - these huge hewn stones are probably the originals placed here by the Navvies pre 1831when the Macclesfield Canal was opened and are in pretty good order today

 As I rise gently in the lock below, George lifts the paddles of the one above

and looking back

some of those blocks are not wearing as well as others!

 Leaking top gates as well as bottom ones!

 Whoops!  Beware the blow-holes at lock number 5!

 Right between his legs and up his sleeves - he was literally soaked to the skin!

 The paddle gear to the side pound at lock 5 looks in good order - it says on the info board that they will be using this occasionally for demonstration purposes

In lock 6 - half way up and lock 7 is ready for me

 One last look back at Cloud fell

 Last lock of the day, and of this canal

 Topol George doing his Fiddler on the Roof impression!

Into another cutting ...

… with houses among the trees

Canal working boats Shirely, St Austell and ... 

… Alton taking on fuel to sell to other boaters

Royal Oak Swing Bridge ahead ...

… or perhaps now it should be called Fools Nook Swing Bridge!

The bridge swings open to let me through and George holds it for another boat coming from the other direction …

… job done, bridge back in place and I wait for George to catch me up.

Out of the cutting and look - a tree with its own island!
OMG just look at these views -

We have decided …

We love the Macc!

Moored up on Gurnet Aqueduct just around the corner from here where it’s just a short walk in the town - that’ll do us!


  1. Try the Sutton Hall pub (Dog Friendly) 1st bridge back from where you are moored, over the bridge on your left, basically you are moored opposite it.
    Superb pub! King Head at the bottom of the steps is also dog friendly.

    1. Hi both, Thanks for the heads up - just done the Old Kings Head - good Bank’s bitter and great food - going to try Sutton Hall tomorrow!

  2. Hah, should have mentioned the vents...
    Knew you'd like it up there, it's great init!

    1. No you shouldn’t it was soooo funny! and yes is is init!

  3. Lovely pictures, brings back many a happy memory. Enjoy the rest of the journey. Jacquie & Stein.