Monday, 16 January 2012

A new adventure ...

A late start this morning as we set off from our mooring at Nantwich, still cold but with the warm sun on our backs ...
... as we pass this creature on our way past Nantwich Basin.
 There was a fishing match going on just beyond, most of the anglers were pleasant, some not so, perhaps because of the number of boats moving this morning!
 The canal becomes much wider at Henhull
 We've passed the meer cat several times by road but this is the first time we've seen it from the canal
 A very tidy scrap-yard!
 A very tight left hand turn is needed to get into the extremely narrow lock 4 of the Hurleston Flight onto the Llangollen Canal.
This is the new adventure for us on Rock n Roll, we've not been this way before and are thoroughly looking forward to the journey.
 Looking up the flight of 4 locks ...
 ... and down to the junction ...
 A boat has had to break the ice before we arrived in the bottom pound (water between two locks)
 Looking down from lock 2 ...
... where Geoff is setting the locks for Seyella then walking back to empty the last one for Ann on
Moore 2 Life, who in turn is emptying for NB Jandia who has caught up with the convoy.
 Looking back through the bridges ...
 ... and passing another blogger NB Armadillo
 Cooo ... a hot tub ....
 ... could do with being a bit warmer though before it can tempt me!
Banks Farm just past Platt's Bridge .. a lovely scene
 There's Ann and Chaz taking on fuel at ...
 Swanley Bridge Marina ...
 ... and Mags approaching Swanley Lock
 ... two more beautiful, peaceful ...
 ... pastoral scenes.
We've moored up just before Greenfield Bridge (13) in a lovely spot and went out for a short walk with the dogs to the first of the Baddiley Locks ...
 ... where the sun is just setting at 5 past 5 ...
 ... and we're all feeling a bit tired after a busy day ...
but happy in our life!


  1. Do I spy ditto boots for you two ladies? Nice pics Carol..

    1. You certainly do Sue .... like them? They are extremely warm even when standing at the helm - £25 from Penkridge Market.

  2. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the Llangollen -- I always regard long stretches of it as a bit over-rated, although the Ponty aqueduct and the run up to Llangollen itself are a bit special. If you have the time, take a trip down the Montgomery Canal, which we thought was fantastic.

    By the way, did you see my answer to your question about the digital edition of Canal Boat?

    1. Hi Adam, Yes thanks I did see your answer and now have an online subscription - Canal Boat online gives a much better view on computer than Waterways World does! We fully intend to 'do' the Montgomery on this cruise - we lived in Wales for nearly 18 years and have walked it while waiting for RnR to be built and loved it .... so watch this space!

  3. Some lovely photos Carol - We will be where you are very soon - just under 4 weeks. I have mentioned you on my blog - please have a look (as nobody seems to be doing so :-( ). It's


    1. Glad you like the pictures Charlie. I tried your website but Google only gave me which appears to belong to some campaigner! Try sending me a link to your blog.

  4. Replies
    1. Can't please everyone all the time!

  5. Anon, Well don't bother coming back then and get some sleep!

  6. Hi Carol -

    New to this bloging thingy - so don't know how to get google interested!!

    Will this work?


    1. Gotcha now! Have added your blog to my list, thanks