Tuesday, 3 January 2012

An exciting cruise, the first one of 2012

The forecast said light showers after about noon and ...
 ... the heavy rain had stopped as we left Market Drayton just before 1pm ...
... and the sky had became lighter
Two BW patrol officers had informed us that there was a tree down across the channel - that looks as if it may the place ...
 ... he'd said that we may be able to squeeze through ...
 ... provided that the water is deep enough at the edge we may get by ...
 ... looking back as we pass the obstacle
 Bridge number 76 Betton Bridge - a turnover bridge which takes the towpath to the opposite side of the canal ...
... where the countryside opens out ... and the wind picks up to gale force and the rain returned as I 'crab' along with the full force of it coming from my left!
 Half an hour later as we're starting to locking RnR down Adderley Locks the sky begins to clear ...
 ... only to return about 15 minutes later!
George attempted to remove a branch from the water below bridge 71 but it was far too big and heavy and kept breaking up but at least it he managed to get half of it out
 Adderley Bottom Lock and our mooring space for today is the straight piece beyond the capstans - good job it's on the right or we would never have been able to get into the side!  It was 3pm when we safely tied up to the visitor mooring rings
The sky at 16:30 ...
... and as I write this post (20:45) the wind is still strong, blowing onto the side of Rock n Roll - and I can tell you we really are rocking and rolling!
Tomorrow morning is supposed to be dry but still rather windy and we shall move on down Audlem Locks early before the weather has time to deteriorate once again.  
It's so good to be on the move again!


  1. Great photos, as usual. Your pictorial Blog is great fun and means we can travel with you through the countryside. Best.

  2. I think you guys are all trying to trick us with the talk of gloomy UK Winters! This one looks pretty stunning to me!!
    Elly :)

  3. Hi Elly and Mick - winter cruising is great though I have to admit that if it's raining and we really don't have to move, we stay put. The only thing that I certainly don't enjoy during the winter is the muddy towpaths and the mess that's created in the cratch when getting on board, taking off muddy boots and cleaning Molly's feet! But on the whole that really is a small gripe! Best wishes to you both.