Saturday, 28 January 2012

A good day's cruising ...

Started off a bit earlier today from our mooring near bridge 50, it's only 10:15
Ready to rock n roll ... just half a mile or so to start with ...
... to collect Geoff's stash of boaters gold and load it onto his roof ...
... the canal is not very deep here and Seyella's deeper in the water with the extra load and he's having difficulty getting away from the side ...
... he backs up a little and tries again but no joy he's back on the side again.  George eventually managed to push him off ...
... and Mags gives us her regal wave as they pass by ...
...  boaters gold ... enough to last a week or so once it's split.
A lovely day
Lyneal Wharf with it's Trust boats
Whoops, a BW boat in the bridge 'ole ...
... but he backs off and pulls into the side ...
... they're infilling behind the pilings along this stretch ... and if I may say so doing a good job too!
The canal wends ...
... its way ...
... this way and that ...
... through Miss Each Bridge which has metal doors in the archway that would house the stop planks ...
... and past a few more logs which would have probably been the straw on the camels back if Seyella had stopped to collect them!
Cole Mere ...
... sailing boats on the far shore ...
... and wooden chalets in the woods ...
... and a project for the future perhaps!
This boat is moored near Cole Mere - Its name is Welsh and I think it means 'the two within' or something similar ... (edit) I've been informed that it means the two genies!
Colemere Country Park
No idea what this notice is about near bridge 56 Burns Wood, it does't look like a tip!
Blake Mere ... fantastic!
Approaching Ellsmere Tunnel and you have to have good eyesight to read this from the boat!
Nothing coming so we can proceed ...
Two way traffic!!! You've got to be kidding!
The flow of water from the River Dee kept pushing the bow left into the tunnel wall
Not sure if this represents Chirk Aqueduct or Pontcysyllte
Cold but sunny as we approach Ellesmere ...
Go for it ... hope you're feeling better soon Colin
Blackwater Meadow Marina ... you need to book a slot before you can enter here!
Left to continue on the main line and under the White Bridge into town
Beech House was once the Shropshire Union Canal Company's Head Office but has been split into at least 5 residences
There's Seyella taking on water as we ...
... approach the town arm ...
... passing nb Jandai and coming in onto the 72-hour visitor moorings.
The convoy is once again reunited!


  1. hi carol
    i am getting better thanks
    the tip the other side of the tunnel is for dredging when bw do it
    did you go press branch for fuel if so how much do the charge

    1. Thanks for the info Colin. See posting - A troublesome day -

    2. yes i saw that thanks

  2. Fantastic pictures again Carol.

    Interestingly Shropshire Lass that you passed is one of the lucky boats to be amoung the 40 for the Jubilee Cruise on the Thames!

  3. Hmm having said that, and having another look, the boat has Shropshire Lass11 so maybe not that one, maybe it is the one that is moored at Norbury?

  4. Hi Sue, you know when I saw that boat the other day I thought that I've seen the boat before but I couldn't have 'cos I've not been on this canal before! So it must have been the shroppie lass that you mention, I'm not sure though that it was at Norbury!

    1. Yes it is that boat Carol, here is a news article about it today..

  5. According to Jim Sheads site there are 4 narrow boats called Shropshire Lass including Shropshire Lass II plus a grp cruiser.