Saturday, 21 January 2012

Walking and wandering ...

Our walk yesterday afternoon took us along the Whitchurch arm of the Llangollen Canal but more of that in another posting ...
 Once again a wonderful sunset ...
 ... as it turned the wind-rippled clouds red ...
... the happy wanderers return home along the not so very yellow brick road!
The wind this morning is blowing from directly behind us causing large ripples and mini-whirlwinds on the water; we shall stay put today!

I love to wander .... through the blogs that I follow .... to see where it takes me ...
One of these is Poles Apart
it's not a boaty blog but I like to dip in and out of it as the mood takes me.  Iain is a Scotsman who has lived in Sweden, Southern France and currently in Andalucia and I came to know his blog when he commented on one of mine way back.
Anyway, I was wandering through the blogs that he followed and came up with this one
The blog is written from the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland; I wandered into this posting and this video of a very haunting melody called The Sleeping Tune.  I don't usually enjoy the pipes but this tune has been going round in my head since I first heard it.
Try it out ...
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Thanks for your visitation to my blog. And glad you like the link. Do have a look here too - my work chum's daughter playing violin !

  2. Those sunsets are wonderful, reminds us of Sweden. I missed this music on B&B blog.....don't know how, but it's pretty good. I would say that, being a Scot! Glad to hear you dip in and out as and when. You're always welcome and we envy your wonderful lifestyle.

  3. Received by e-mail from Ray - NB Stronghold
    Hi Carol and George,

    Happy New Year to you both on the Llangollen. I can see it's pretty cold up there!

    For some unexplained reason, you blog won't open on the following entries:- Challenging-Day, Minus 5 at Nantwich - heading only, no text or pics (in which I wrote a comment about Nantwich), A New Adventure - heading only and 20th January. I don't think it's down to my PC, as I can view your other days. Got any ideas?

    I'm starting to set up a blog site here:- but for some reason I can't get the title off the picture. Got any ideas on that as well?