Monday, 30 January 2012

 Another glorious sunrise but with added frosting this morning!
 After emptying our loo tank at the marina we cruised round the corner to the BW yard take on water ...
... there's a lot of history in these buildings!
A huge construction site on the piece of land opposite the yard, I wonder what it will be
This side of Beech House gets all the worst weather, not sure if it is still part of BW's portfolio but it's in dire need of some extensive and expensive TLC
 I love this piece of sculpture
 Back to the arm now past the convoy boats to the terminus to shop at Tesco
 The Ellesmere town arm terminus with a thin layer of ice even at midday
 The afternoon walk took us to The Mere at Ellesmere ...
 ... the largest natural lake in the UK outside of the Lake District ..
 Interesting information board
 Geese and water birds forever hungry/greedy!
 Rapunzle's Castle across the mere?
 very nice!
 The Boathouse Restaurant and information centre ...
... and one of the many sculptures in the area.
We're moving off tomorrow weather permitting!


  1. Hi Carol,

    Is the Mere bigger than some of the Scottish lochs? Loch Lomond is 21 miles long.

    Great photographs!

    1. Hi Graham, Thanks for the compliment on my photos. Re the Scottish Lochs ... now that is something that I don't know .... maybe I've got it wrong and it's the largest outside the lake district in England perhaps.

  2. most boring blog going

  3. Rubbish from Anonymous! I was there 2years ago and it has taken me back in time to a very enjoyable cruise. The Ellesmere Hotel had John Smiths mild at £1.70 a pint and I went there for couple 3 days on the trot, though normally I wouldn't touch JS with a boat shaft (can't say barge pole).

    If you go on the Monty, make sure you visit The Navigation at Maesbury for a warm welcome and excellent restaurant.

  4. Thanks Ray, hope is all is well with you and Stronghold