Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An epic journey ...

Well all of a mile ... plus one lift bridge!
 After reversing to refill out water tank we set off just a short distance to moor up once again just past the Whitchurch arm where the rest of our convoy had already tied up.
 Ann and Chas and George and I with Molly went off into Whitchurch for some retail therapy! It's quite a trek into town - about a mile - a long way with a rucksack full of provisions on the way back!
 The Whitchurch Arm is closed to visitors for some reason ...
 ... and this is the current terminus of the arm.
 The original line must have gone through this bridge hole ...
 ... but probably not through this one ... the line of pilings is all wrong from bridge to bridge!
 From the information board ... the current situation ...
 ... the proposed situation ...
 ... and the history of the canal.
 About Whitchurch
 A sign of spring ... the first growing daffodils I've actually seen growing ... on the edge of the children's play area in Jubilee Park
 The rear of the Bulls Head public house which predates 1827 ...
... and the front of the hostelry - for more information on historic Whitchurch click here.
After a quick look round and a visit to Tesco (where else?) we headed back - it's nearly time for dog walking!
 And I've been told I'm a bit excessive with my cleaning, but come on Geoff .. sweeping the towpath???
 Just after 4pm and a rain storm .. a rainbow as we set off for just a short walk today down the towpath ...
... where we spy these four meercats bobbing about in the breeze on nb Onslow - they really did make us smile!


  1. Biggest problem with the new basin is the lack of moorings. Everything i have seen gives the impression of 6/7 berths,less than now. So all i see happening is cruise in- full up- cruise back to present moorings.

    1. Hi Les, you may well be right! Regards to you both xx