Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Too Cool ....

Tuesday ... back to normal - caught up on the washing before moving to the water point to refill the tank then dropping down the remaining Audlem locks to rejoin the convoy ...
 ... a gathering of Canada Geese as we pull out of OverWater Marina after refilling the fuel tanks ...
 ... a beautifully warm day; the breeze felt like silk ...
 ... and the water was like velvet.
 Ann at Coole Pilate visitor moorings ... so the convoy is again reunited!
 Yesterday evening 20 past 5 ...
... and this morning ...
... at half past 9 - glorious!
George has spent the day cleaning the roof and the towpath side of RnR and I've had a very relaxing day catching up with this blog and my favourite other blogs.  We've just returned from a walk along the soggy, squelchy towpath and are now sitting with a welcome glass of wine - what could be better?


  1. Obviously the sun is over the yardarm at 17.16 on Rock'nRoll.
    More developments on my excessive fuel consumption - will e-mail you details later, if you are interested?


    1. George will love to hear the next instalment!

  2. George says of course he's interested- either by e-mail or as a comment here. Regards.

  3. Still looking lovely there on the Cut. You sure picked a fine retirement. Best to all.