Thursday, 25 October 2012

Back on the cut!

It's been slow today (well anything is slow after 70 mph on the M6!)

We left Fenny Marina yesterday morning and moored just outside whilst George did some minor alterations suggested by Leesan Ltd to our toilet plumbing and hopefully we can now moor upwind of others without being embarrassed!

 Leaving Fenny Compton this morning passing the Wharf Inn where we've had several good meals before and since we were away

 It's been a dull day but it doesn't detract from the lovely scenery on the South Oxford

 Any boater on the cut will tell you how much slower travel is at this time of year ...

... because of the fallen leaves on the surface of the canals, but there's no hurry.

We've cruised just 7.5 miles today, no locks, and are currently moored just above the Napton Flight of Locks - something to look forward to tomorrow!

It's good to be home!


  1. Hi guys, welcome back to the slow lane!
    Glad you got the plumbing sorted, you might have been ostracised this winter otherwise! :-{

    1. Thinking of getting a composting loo- check out Les's blog!