Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Support your police - please!

Protect Police Pensions

Responsible department: Home Office

Police Officers cannot strike in protest about serious changes to their pay,pensions & conditions, unlike many public sector workers who plan to strike over attacks on their pensions.
We are being told to expect an increase in our pension contributions from 11% to 14.2% of our salaries! We already pay a huge amount into our pension schemes!
Not only that, but we are being told we must work longer before we can claim our pension, and that when we do, it will be worth less!
On top of that, we are experiencing a two-year pay freeze together with cuts to our pay and conditions under the Winsor Review.
We call on Government to recognise the absolute uniqueness of the role of Police Officer and to Protect Police Pensions from an unfair attack by retaining the current level of contributions, not extending the time needed to work before claiming and to retain the current conditions of the Police Pension Scheme.
To support the police and protect their pensions

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  1. Teachers are the same!!

    Imagine being taught PE by a 68 year old! (A 68 year old ex plice officer)